What we do

For consumers

Lagorial is a search engine that enables you to search for products and services nearby. With this easy search we enhance the regional trade and hope to make it easier for consumers to compare prices from the comfort of their homes.

For businesses

Especially small and medium sized companies profit from the possibility to present their products and services online. If you are a business owner, Lagorial is no risk for you. It is free and you can delete your account at any time. Another advantage is that you don't have to operate an own website either.

As mentioned, you can delete your account with a single click. All data you ever entered will be erased from our database and it will be like you never signed up. If you choose to do so, please consider giving us feedback via the "Feedback" button in the user area so that we can make Lagorial better.

Continually improved

We continually work on improving the experience when using Lagorial. After months of programming we tend to have a blind spot for certain things. This is why we need your help: If you have any suggestion on how we can improve Lagorial please don't hesitate to use the "Feedback" button in the user area.


Big players and online warehouses increasingly make it difficult for small businesses to stay competitive. We believe that regional trade is a key to a healthy economy.