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Terms of use for registered users


General information according to § 5 E-Commerce-Gesetz (ECG) - Austrian Law

Christopher Sax
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Christopher Sax
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Christopher Sax
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Terms of Use

The contents of this website are freely available and solely for the purpose of your information. By using this website no legally binding contract comes into action between the user and the operators of this website. The following procedures regarding any contracts lie within the sole discretion of the user.

Copyright / Disclaimer

Due to the technical nature of the internet no guarantee can be given regarding authenticity, correctness or completeness of the information. There is also no guarantee for the availability or the operation of this website at any time. Every liability for direct, indirect or other damages, independent of their cause, that result from the use of unavailability of the data or information is - if possible - barred. The contents of this website are protected by copyright. The information presented on this website is solely for private use. Every other use of the data, specifically the storage in databases, reproduction or any form of commercial use as well as the submission to third parties - partially or in full - without the explicit permission of the website owner is strictly forbidden. You are welcome to link to this site but you are not allowed to embed any sites in frames as well as use our RSS feed on other sites.

Data Protection

If we process any personal data, such as names or (email-)addresses, it happens - if possible - on voluntary basis. The use of the service is - where possible - possible without the disclosure of any personal data. It is strictly forbidden to use the information presented on this page - especially address and email address - for advertising or any other purposes. We reserve the right for legal action against any spam (email or not).

Liability for Links

This website contains links to content, that we cannot influence. Therefore, we cannot give any guarantee for the content of other websites. For the content of linked websites solely the website operator of the respective website is responsible. We check our links always before putting them into our website. All links did not contain any illegal content at the time of the check. A permanent check without any reasonable suspicion is unreasonable. Whenever we are informed about possible illegal activities on sites that we link to we will delete the respective links immediately.

[Source: Information of WKO, summarized by Ingrid J. Bressler, translated by Christopher Sax]


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Terms of Use for Registered Users


The user is solely responsible for the content of his generated content. Specifically, the user must ensure that no pictures are uploaded onto the platform for which he does not owe the copyright. Any illegal content will be removed from the website and - if necessary - will be brought to the attention of Austrian authorities. This is a freely available, non-commercial website. There is no legally binding agreement between the users and the operators. There is no right to functionality, actuality, correctness or availability of the service.

You are not allowed to upload any illegal, pornographic, denouncing or personal rights violating content. This also applies to malicious content like viruses, trojans and malware.


The use of this platform is completely free. The operators reserve the right to offer paid services only to premium members at a later time.

Right to Deletion of Content

The user has the sole right to delete his account including all pictures and any other data at any time. The operators reserve the right to delete user accounts that violate these terms of use and/or violate law without any prior notice and without any justification.


We use cookies on this site that are necessary to use this website. In accordance with European data protection law you accept the use of cookies when browsing onto the site automatically as we only place cookies that are necessary for you to use the website.

Choice of Law

Independent from the user's location Austrian Law is applicable. The place of jurisdiction is in 3950 Gmünd, Lower Austria, Austria.

Subject to Change

The operators of this website reserve the right to change the terms of use for registered users at any time. Affected users will be informed via email about any changes.

Continued Validity

If one or more provisions should be or should become invalid or unfeasible the other provisions stay intact. In such a case the invalid or unfeasible provision will be replaced by a provision that is economically the best.